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You’re About To Discover How To
Make Your Dreams of

Threesomes, Foursomes, and Moresomes
Become Reality!

"Adrienne Taylor & The Swinger Girls Finally Reveal The Simple & Proven Techniques Of Getting Your Wife Or Girlfriend To Become A Swinger!"

Why We Wrote This Book

"How Did You Convince Her To Do It?”

Unleashing The Sexual GoddessOur husbands and boyfriends got tired of hearing their buddies ask them this question when they would find out that we were swingers, and helped us realize that there was a huge need for this book to be written. Since it’s not your ordinary every day kind of conversation, we decided that the only way we could possibly help all of you who have this same question that they had would be to put our experiences into a written format that was simple, complete, easy to understand, and easy to apply. So for the first time ever, hundreds of swinger wives and girlfriends have come together to finally offer help from the other side and reveal the secrets and inside tips that only swinger wives and girlfriends would know in the international bestseller, Getting Your Wife or Girlfriend To Become A Swinger.

Who We Are And Why You Should Listen To Us

Coming straight from our own experience of becoming swinger wives and girlfriends, along with the help of hundreds of other women who have transformed from ordinary wives and girlfriends into swinger wives and girlfriends, we use an honest, straightforward and detailed approach to answer the questions that YOU need to know in your quest of getting your wife or girlfriend to become a swinger and enjoy a more adventurous and exciting sex life.

“Amazing book with all the tools you will need to turn your fantasies into reality!”
   - Dr. Anderson, Sex Therapist and Radio Advice Host

“This is the only book that I endorse. It will change your sex life! Fantastic work!”
   - Alex Everett, Creator of TV Series “Swinging Adventures”

"Best produced book on threesomes, orgies, and swinging! If you wondered what the secrets are to fulfilling your BIG sexual fantasy, you'll find them in here."
   - Swinging Monthly Magazine

A Complete System Based on The Secrets of Hundreds of Swinging Wives & Girlfriends

Getting Your Wife or Girlfriend To Become A Swinger is jam-packed cover to cover with 254 pages of all the information you’ll ever need to help you fulfill your ultimate fantasies and have the sex life of your dreams!

Check Do you fantasize about having two girls at once?
Check Do you want to see your wife or girlfriend with another woman?
Check Do you want to see your wife or girlfriend with another man, while you take on another woman and join in for seconds?
Check Are you curious about playing with multiple partners?
Check Do you want to let your exhibitionist self come out?
Check Are you looking for friends with privileges?


No Matter What Your Sexual Fantasies Are, You Can Start Using This Powerful System RIGHT NOW To Make Them All Come True!

Threesome - FFM Foursome - FMFM Threesome - MFM

It doesn’t matter what sexual fantasies you have; the principles of getting your wife or girlfriend to let you experience them are the same. Imagine what it would be like to have an abundance of love and sex, feeling that you had ALL you could possibly want of both, and be free of any feelings of deprivation or neediness. Whatever your fantasies are, when you begin applying the techniques in Getting Your Wife or Girlfriend To Become A Swinger, you will be able to literally choose ANY swinging sex experience you want!

Here’s Just a Small Sample of What You'll Learn When You Order Your Copy of Getting Your Wife or Girlfriend To Become A Swinger Today:

  • Threesome - FFMChange Her Sexual Programming
  • Get Inside Her Sexual Fantasies
  • Unleash Her Inner Sex Goddess
  • Bring Up The Topic Of Swinging
  • Handle Her Fears And Concerns
  • Open Her Up To Wilder Sexual Adventures
  • Make Her More Sexual
  • Get Her To Want To Swing
  • Find & Seduce Other Swingers
  • What You Need To Know About Swinging
  • Have Proper Swinging Sex Etiquette
  • How To Act During Swinging Sex
  • And Much More...

Getting Your Wife or Girlfriend To Become A Swinger
has already helped tens of thousands of people in 107 countries worldwide, and it can work for you too! All you need is the right information, motivation and coaching to help make it happen! Because we are women who do what you want your wife or girlfriend to do, consider us your coaches as we share with you proven successful techniques that will help you transform your ordinary wife or girlfriend into a swinger wife or girlfriend.

This Is The Book You’ve Been Waiting For!

Hot Swinging WifeIf you’re even remotely interested in learning how to live out life long fantasies and experience new ones you never could have imagined, you owe it to yourself to order Getting Your Wife or Girlfriend To Become A Swinger.

If you really want to have a more fulfilling, adventurous and exciting sex life with your wife or girlfriend, then don’t put this off! Make a decision that could improve your sex life today! As motivational speaker Tony Robbins says, “It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” Right now, if you don’t decide to take the first step to having the sex life of your dreams, then you’re deciding to keep on having the same, predictable sex life that often comes with a long-term monogamous relationship.

World's First ULTIMATE Guide to Experiencing All Your Sexual Fantasies With Your Wife or Girlfriend Right Beside You!

“I have always dreamed of being with two women, but never thought it would actually happen. I thought my girlfriend was not that type of girl, but you proved me wrong!”
   - Brad from Colorado

“You’ve helped turn my shy and timid wife into a swinging sex addict... I love it!”
   - Kent from Florida

“My wife was always saying, ‘It’s only a fantasy - I could never actually do it.’ Well, one night it all became a reality, and it’s been the best thing that has ever happened to our 10-year marriage.”
   - Luca from Germany


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